Are you a pessimistic, chronic over-thinking, stress-filled ball of self-doubt?

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Feeling ‘stuck’ in your life? Learn how to shift your mindset, conquer your thoughts, & become your best self (in less than 10 minutes a day)!

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hey, i’m leNi!

I’m a dog-lovin, outdoor-exploring gal who wants you to live an amazing life. How? By utilizing self-care techniques, mindset resets, and heart-centered action to help you make a change each and every day!

I'm obsessed with simple living & personal development (two things I talk a lot about via this blog) & I'm here to help you change your thoughts so that you can change your life!

One thing before we start: I am by no means a minimalist guru or an enlightened self-help god. I'm just a regular, normal gal trying to find the joy in every day & I want to help you do the same.

You still here? Good, I can tell that we'll be getting along just fine. :)

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