my simple living plan (aka things i’ve pieced together from pinterest)


When I was starting out on this "simple living" journey I had absolutely no clue what I was going to do or how I was going to do it. All I had was a barebones vision, an idea of how I wanted my life to *feel*, and a knowing that there was more out there for me.


So basically, I didn't have that much.

But that didn't deter me! I decided to sit down and just start brainstorming. After I had a really messy piece of paper with a lot of scribbles, arrows and crossed off words, I started thinking about the steps I could take to get there, and falling into multiple Pinterest black holes for more ideas (gosh, don't you just love Pinterest?). Anyways, this is basically what I came up with and so creatively titled, "My Simple Living Plan". 

Enjoy my messy scrambled thoughts that somehow turned into something greater.




key words:

freedom, joy, simple, gratitude, intentional, wonder



- all beaches
- sunsets
- sweatpants & messy buns
- netflix & fluffy blankets
- mountaintops at sunset
- caribbean blue water
- Santorini, Greece
- natural lighting
- white everything
- gray everything
- houseplants
- reading outside in the sun in a hammock
- riding down the highway with the windows down and the radio playing
- summer road trips
- oversized sweatshirts & summer nights under the stars


only have what i need and what makes me happy
capsule wardrobe
can't forget the house plants
white bed sheets

action steps:

  •  create a capsule wardrobe (buy necessary clothes, get rid of unneccessary clothes)
  • get rid of books I've only read once and probably won't eve read again even if i liked them
  • read marie kondo's book the life changing magic of tidying up
  • watch minimalism on netflix
  • go through my house and trash/donate things that are not useful or don't bring me joy
  • buy white bed sheets & other house decorations
  • buy more house plants!


zero waste:

reduce my waste by buying at farmer’s markets, shopping at bulk food stores and snacking on unpackaged foods
keep pantry items in glass mason jars
keep snacks in glass mason jars (for the aesthetic, of course)

action steps:

  •  start making simple swaps in the house to reduce waste (cut up microfiber cloths into square to use instead of cotton circles, get rid of paper towels and use dishcloths, compost food scraps, use microfiber cloths instead of sponges to wash dishes)
  • go to a farmer's market
  • go to bulk food stores with reusable bags and mason jars
  • bring a reusable water bottle everywhere
  • become slightly obsessed with the concept of zero waste and spend hours on zero waste blogs figuring out what to do



a salad a day at lunch , colorful --> feel lighter and less bloated
drink lemon water in glass mason jars
veggies! veggies! veggies!

action steps:

  • go through pantry and get rid of old food items/stuff I'll never actually use
  • create a meal plan to start getting rid of pantry stuff/food in fridge/non-vegan stuff
  • watch What the Health on Netflix
  • freak about What the Health on Netflix
  • buy vitamin B12 pills
  • create a meal plan with lots of veggies!
  • buy lots of lemons for hot lemon water in the morning and normal lemon water through the day
  • spend hours online looking at pretty vegan smoothie bowls and what other vegan substitutes there are for my favorite non-vegan foods

other ideas: 

  • morning yoga!
  • meditate everyday using an app
  • drink tea
  • spend time outside everyday
  • spend time only on what's important to do


With this list acting as a sort of non-visual vision board, I set off into the world, trying to minimize my belongings and organized what was left so that I could have the simple lifestyle I was searching for. Did i get there? Well, let's just say it's a process...