My ONE Trick To Get Motivated to Do Those Things You Don’t Want To Do

motivation trick

I run into it on a daily basis. You know, that one task that you just don’t want to do. The cut-off-my-hand-and-feed-it-to-the-sharks-before-I-even-think-about-doing-that task.

Okay, maybe it’s not that extreme (LIES!) but in the end, we all know that we’re going to have to do it. 

(But why?! You scream in agony. Or is that me screaming? Anyways…)


You’re probably procrastinating for a number of reasons. Maybe you’re just dreading the task because you don’t like to do it, or maybe you’re afraid of messing up or not having it come out the way you want to.

Maybe you’re afraid of not having others approve, or maybe it’s because it seems like such a large task (because don't we all love those simple, 10-minute things that we can easily check off of our to do lists?)  

Or maybe it’s just so much easier to procrastinate and put off those things for “later”! Maybe it’s just a habit to avoid this type of task, or you just don’t feel like you have a good enough reason to do it, or maybe you just don’t have the energy to deal with it right now.

But no matter the reason, you know that there’s still a task that needs to get done. And it needs to get done soon. 



The solution? Finding a good enough reason.

Let me explain.

You have to start thinking beyond the task that you’re avoiding.

So basically, you have to come up with a reason, or a benefit that will come if you get the task done (for example, maybe afterwards you get to go home, or you can start hustling on some of your other goals, or maybe it’s just that you’ll feel better once it’s over). There are hundreds or millions of reasons, but for now, just find one.



Be really specific about the benefit, and then come up with another related benefit. And then another. And then another. And then just keep those benefits coming! Keep building on the last one and start to build a story in your mind. (Why are we doing this, you ask? Because we’re trying to trick your brain into getting excited for the task!)

Does this really work? I can see that you’re a bit skeptical, babe, but just try it, let your imagination run free! What will happen after you get this task done? Your visualization doesn’t have to be realistic! Just find a reason that sparks your motivation and let’s get PUMPED!


Still a little confused? Let’s take an example. So let’s say that I have to write a report (but I seriously don’t want to).

A benefit of getting it done? I only have to send off a couple emails afterwards, and then that’s my work for the day.

Here it goes:

If I write this report, then I only have one other thing to do afterwards, and that's just to write and send off a couple emails, so that’s simple and won’t be too hard. 

After that, I'll have a little bit of time and I can work on my side-hustle business! I can start connecting with other #GirlBosses, can help motivate others, and can start growing the M&O community until it gets bigger and bigger and bigger,.

More and more people are gonna download the 16-pg. guide to becoming a confident #GirlBoss and our community is going to keep growing, and we’re all going to be cheering each other on and supporting each other.

Then more and more people are going to start chasing their dreams and making time for themselves, and we’ll all start making our own success, and we’ll all start building our personal empires and changing the world like the Queens that we are!

And it will all just keep growing and I can travel and meet other amazing #GirlBosses and then write a book and meet some celebrities and buy a private plane and take some of the M&O #GirlBosses on a trip around in it and start living it up! Here we go, I’m ready!



So maybe this specific example isn’t exactly what YOU are thinking, but you just have to get EXCITED! I don’t necessarily (see how I italicized that?) want a private plane, or to meet celebrities, but for the sake of excitement, let’s throw it in 😉..

I know that the task isn’t always exciting, but you have to think beyond the task and consider what will happen after it’s done and out of the way. What can you do afterwards that you’re looking forwards to?



And then the last and final part? Pull a Nike and just do it. You’re wasting daylight, babe. (If it’s already dark outside forgive me and ignore that last comment.)

It’s time to bring out that hustling #GirlBoss that I know you are and let’s get that task done!

What are you going to make happen today?