The Simple Power of Showing Up



A little while back I was in such a rut. I couldn't seem to find any motivation to do, well, really anything. And as a #Girlboss, that was killing me. I would sit down to try and get something done, and 10 minutes later I would find myself on my phone. Occasionally I'd get this tiny burst of motivation and start working, but then all of a sudden I was like, “well, that was exhausting, I’m done now.”

After a couple of weeks of this, I’d decided that I'd had enough. My normal motivational tricks weren’t working so I was going to have to try something new. I was gonna have to shift my mindset on this.

You know what happened after this miracle mindset shift? I came back and started to slay once more!

Don’t get wrong, it wast an all-of-a-sudden shift, I mean I occasionally had those good days, but somedays it was still just as hard to get my booty moving. I just had to get myself to make that extra push to keep going, to keep trying, to keep showing up.



So here is what I learned from it, babe:

What if you just decided to show up?

What if you just decided to commit?

What if you just decided to stop all the excuses and just get it f*cking done?

Show up every day. No matter what. Tell yourself you are going to do it and then do it. No question. No excuses. Just show up.

If you’re building a new habit, making a change in your life, or just need to get some sh*t done, what would happen if you just showed up?

And then you kept showing up everyday?

I’ll tell you, babe, if you do this, then there won’t be any mountain that you can’t move. No one who is dedicated, committed, and willing to show up every day can ever be stopped.

So what mountains will you move today? It seems like you’ve got your pick.

The trick? Just show up, babe.


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