3 Things to Do to Set Your Day Up for Success


Have you ever gone to bed feeling like you wasted a day, you’re exhausted, and you’re still not any closer to reaching your goals? It can be frustrating, babe, I know, but you can change that. Seriously. 

Pretty much, it all just comes down to some good, old-fashioned, #girlboss planning. Oh, and believing that you can is also a big part, because if you don’t think that you can be successful or productive, then trust me babe, YOU are the only thing stopping yourself from becoming all those things.

The solution? Make the choice to face everything head on and not let those so-called “failures” bring you down or make you stop believing that you can do it and that you’re anything short of amazing. You’re a queen, babe. So chin up: after all, we don’t want that pretty crown of yours falling of your head anytime soon. 



It’s one thing to know what you want to get done during the day, but having a time to get it done can give you that major productivity push that you need to get sh*t done! We wouldn’t want to be falling behind schedule now, would we? 😉 

And if your to-do list is looking really long, don’t get stressed.


This is your time ( as a confident #Girlboss) to not let this get to you, but instead, look that to do list in the eyes and say, “Try all you want, but you can’t get to me. I’m a hustler. And I can get this done. Watch me.”

It’s your time to shine, babe. Fight the overwhelm and show yourself how strong you can be. It’s time to get sh*t done. And I know you can do it.



I know, I know, I know. You’ve probably heard and seen this tip a million times already, but you wanna know why? It’s because it works.

You might already have a morning and night routine, but is yours setting you up for a successful day? Write out your usual morning routine, with times. What do you want to change? What do you want to cut out? What can you cut out to make time for more productive tasks?

Here’s a list of potential things that can help you start your day off on the right note:

  • make your bed

  • quick 7-minute workout
  • listen to a killer Spotify playlist while getting ready
  • eat a sit-down breakfast
  • clean your dishes right after you use them
  • quickly stretch your body
  • have a glass of water with lemon
  • review your goals
  • open your shades right after waking up
  • meditate for 2-5 minutes
  • write a note to yourself to read later in the day to keep yourself motivated
  • write out your to-dos (if you didn’t do it the night before)
  • set one specific intention for the day
  • journal and write whatever thoughts comes to mind for at least two minutes
  • get out of bed immediately
  • set an affirmation and repeat throughout the day (more on that a little further down in this post...)


Here’s a list to help end your day on a good note:

  • read a chapter of an inspiring book before bed
  • make your to do list for tomorrow
  • plan your outfit ahead of time
  • plan what you’re going to eat for breakfast
  • meditate for 5 minutes
  • stretch/do yoga for 5-10 minutes
  • do a quick clean of your space (that way you can wake up to a spick and span room)
  • write a page in your journal
  • review your goals
  • visualize your goals
  • prep lunch for tomorrow
  • think about what happened today and what you’ll do tomorrow to make your day even better
  • remind yourself of what a confident #GirlBoss you are
  • set yourself an affirmation for the next day so you can slay all day (more on that right about now…)



Sometimes during the day we all need a little pick-me-up to get back to our confident, #GirlBoss selves, and what better to do that than a personal mantra?

Known as affirmations, affirmative phrases, personal mantras or whatever else tickles your fancy, it’s basically a sentence that motivates you, inspires you and empowers you.

You can find a new one everyday (but even I don’t have time for that), or you can find one that really resonates with you, and repeat it to yourself whenever you need it.

My affirmation/mantra is: "I can & I will. Watch me.”

Whenever I think of that phrase, I can’t help but feel powerful and confident. I’m like, “Hell yeah I’m a bada$$ b*tch who can do anything. Just try and stop me. I dare you.”

(Feel free to borrow it if you love it as much as I do. 😉)

So find your affirmation, and keep repeating it to yourself. When you’re getting ready, in the car, during a meeting, or whenever else you need a boost of strong, #GirlBoss energy.

What is your affirmation/personal mantra? What are you adding to your morning routine? How ‘bout your nighttime routine? Let me know in the comments below how you’re doing, babe!



Nothing changes unless you do. Success is not what we do feel like doing occasionally, but we do consistently. (Hell yeah I put that in bold & italics!). Are YOU willing to put in the work to see results?