15 Things to Let Go of in the New Year


The new year is almost here. That means 12 months of new opportunities, 52 weeks of new starts, and 365 new chances to start making your life the most joyful and productive that it can be.

So here comes the next question: how can we make the most of these new chances? How can we make sure that we’re not in the same place a year from now?

Below are 15 things that you need to let go of in the new year to help set you up for success:

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15 Things to Let Go of in the New Year:

  1. comparison

  2. procrastination

  3. need for perfectionism

  4. not taking time to prioritize your self-care

  5. pressure to do it all

  6. pessimistic thinking

  7. time-wasting

  8. clutter in high-traffic areas

  9. insecurity

  10. blaming others

  11. planning instead of taking action

  12. thinking you can do it alone

  13. beating yourself up

  14. emotional/stress eating

  15. disappointment in yourself

What are some ways that you can let go of these things you ask? Affirmations and mantras!

Pick a few from the list below to repeat throughout the day or incorporate into your morning or night routines to help remind you of the inner work that you want to accomplish to help set you up for your best year ever!


ONE —> comparison

  • I will celebrate who I am and stop comparing myself to others.

  • I am incomparable.

  • I am special and unique.

TWO —> procrastination

  • I will start taking action right now.

  • I do not procrastinate.

  • I am an action-taker.

  • I take action right away.

THREE —> perfectionism

  • My best is good enough.

  • There is no such thing as perfect

FOUR —> prioritization of self-care

  • I deserve self-care.

  • I am at my best when I take care of my body, mind, and soul.

  • I prioritize my self-care.

  • I prioritize the health of my body.

FIVE —> pressure

  • I don’t have to do it all.

  • I focus on what’s important.

  • I will stop putting pressure on myself to do it all.

SIX —> pessimism

  • I am the most positive person I know.

  • Pessimism will get me nowhere.

  • The world responds to positivity.

SEVEN —> time-wasting

  • I will make the most of my time.

  • I will stop wasting time and make a difference in my life.

EIGHT —> clutter

  • I will clear my clutter.

  • I always clear my clutter.

  • I clear my clutter to keep my mind clean.

NINE —> insecurity

  • I love myself.

  • I am lovable.

TEN —> blaming others

  • I take responsibility for my life.

  • I do not allow others to affect my life.

ELEVEN —> planning

  • I will stop planning and start taking action.

  • I am an action-taker.

TWELVE —> going solo

  • It’s okay to ask for help.

  • We can accomplish more working together.

  • It’s okay to not do it alone.

THIRTEEN —> beating yourself up

  • I try my best with what I have.

  • I know that I always try my hardest.

  • I am gentle with myself.

FOURTEEN —> emotional/stress eating

  • Eating does not solve my problems.

  • I do not eat to deal with stress.

  • There are other things I can do besides eat.

FIFTEEN —> disappointment 

  • I am proud of myself.

  • I know that I do the best that I can.

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