3 Mini-Meditations for When You Don't Have Much Time

3 mini meditations

It was a Friday night and I found myself ‘om-ing’ while walking in a circle in the upstairs meditation room of a church. 

Usually, my Friday nights were… well, not that. But on that particular night, my friend had dragged me (only half-dragged to be fair) to a meditation class on a Friday evening. 

In 60 minutes, we did 3 different types of meditation: laying down, walking, and sitting.

The instructor ended the class by ringing his Tibetan singing bowl, and after every last ounce of sound had dissipated into the air, we all met downstairs to drink tea and talk about how life was going.



After this event, I found myself wanting to practice meditating more in my daily life, but the thought of setting aside 20-30 minutes to meditate was very intimidating to me. First of all, how was I going to find the time in my schedule, and second of all, how was I going to be able to sit still and not think for half an hour all by myself?

Luckily for me, there are other ways to meditate when you are both short on time and the ability to make your attention span last longer than five minutes.


1) Take 3 Deep Breaths

Simple! Easy! Effective!

You’ve probably heard this one about a thousand times, but just try it!

Close your eyes, breathe in for 10 counts, create out for 10, and repeat two more times. Quick yet effective.


2) Listen to Your Favorite Song

Usually, meditation is sitting in silence or being guided by a soothing voice, but why not listen to your favorite song and just get fully immersed in it?

Meditation is when your focus is on one thing (whether it’s your breath or your body), so plug in your headphones and feel the song wash over you.



3) Use an Affirmation or Mantra

Have you used affirmations or mantras before? Basically, they’re just mini words or phrases that you repeat again to remind yourself of something or to inspire or motivate you.

You could use a single word like open, or confident, or it could be an “I am” phrase like I am capable of anything I set my mind to or I am a badass. You could also use a quote that really inspires you.

The key is to choose something that really resonates with you.


So which mini-meditation are you going to try today?


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