The ONE Habit You Need to Shift Your Mindset


I’ve always struggled with having a positive and productive mindset. I’m a naturally pessimistic and anxious person, so the whole “thinking positively” thing just never came easily to me. Can you relate?

So what did I do to try to fix this? Well, naturally, I dove headfirst into personal development and self-help books. But as much as I loved reading them, and as much as they motivated and inspired me, they never quite helped to shift my mindset.

Why? Because I wasn’t taking any action. I read through the books in days and then put one down just to pick up another. I “oohed” and “aahed” at their realizations and revelations, but I never did anything with them.

In a way, I think that I was just scared and overwhelmed. There were so many people making suggestions that, frankly, I just didn’t know where to even start! Meditation retreats? More books? Palm readings? Personality tests? Brain scans? Personal shamans? WHAT SHOULD I DOOOOOO?

Minimize & Organize | The ONE Habit You Need to Shift Your Mindset


So, yes, I was overwhelmed, and to deal with that, I decided to just pick ONE small thing to try every day. And what was that ONE thing that I decided to pick that began to shift my mindset?


I KNOW, I KNOW, and before you click out of this blog post because you’re thinking “wow, just another one of those blogs that are trying to shove affirmations down my throat” or “I’ve heard about affirmations a hundred times” or “I swear, those don’t even work,” please just hear me out.

Affirmations are one of those things that just seem so simple that we tend to overlook it. Or it’s one of those things that we don’t see the point of (“How is standing in front of a mirror repeating words and phrases to myself gonna change my mindset?”)

And to that, I say you have a point.

What?? You’re probably thinking. She’s telling us that affirmations are pointless?

Well, not quite. If you repeat affirmations meaninglessly or without focus or feeling in the words, well, of course it won’t work! There’s more to affirmations than just repeating words or phrases. The words need to evoke a feeling within you, you have to believe in them, and you need repeat them with focus.

Side note: saying affirmations out loud aren’t the only way to practice them. My preferred method? Writing them down.

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Affirmations (good affirmations, at least), are written in the form of “I” statements, which make them personal, and when you choose the right one that makes you feel something (whether that be motivation, inspiration, peace, contentment, relief, or just a good old-fashioned kick-in-the-pants) then we’re getting somewhere.

So why do affirmations work?

Our thoughts create our beliefs which create our moods which create our actions which create our life.

So basically, our thoughts have the capacity to influence our whole lives!

And you know what’s even crazier? Experts estimate that humans have at least 50,000 thoughts per day! FIFTY-THOUSAND. THOUGHTS. A. DAY.

That’s a crazy number to think about, eh?

So I need you to take a second to ask yourself: are you filling your brain with negative and stress-inducing thoughts, or are you supplying positive, affirmative thoughts? That’s where affirmations come in.

If you pick a phrase to either repeat out loud or write down, and you commit to affirming ever single day, you are programming your brain with that thought. Even though you might not see or feel results within a few days, you are consciously making a few of your many thousand thoughts positives ones, and eventually, your brain will pick up on that.

But the key is that you have to really feel your affirmation. You have to say it with feeling and believe it. You have to write it down with excitement and conviction.


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Three suggestions for affirmations:

  1. say it out loud in the morning when you’re in bed after just waking up (for bonus points, place one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly so that you can be in connection with your body)

  2. write your affirmation down at least ten times

  3. say it in the mirror while (and this next part is super important) giving yourself a smile! :)

What have you got to lose? Nothing. But you DO have everything to gain.

The best part? It can take less than 5 minutes a day!

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