3 Benefits of Making Time For Self-Care


Nowadays I feel like I can’t go on social media without seeing a new list of self-care ideas or seeing someone have a #selfcareday #selfcaresunday, which, I want to say, is not a bad thing.

But in all of this self-care hype, I think that we can sometimes forget why it’s important to do it in the first place.

We can get so caught up in the whole “I’m going to do some self-care today because that’s what people are telling me I should do,” (Does this sound like you?) instead of thinking, “I’m going to do some self-care today because I deserve it and I love doing it.

If you’re ever thinking that you should do self-care because that’s “just what everyone else is doing” then you need to STOPPP!

Self-care is only beneficial when you’re doing things that YOU want to do because YOU want to do it. 

(Notice that I emphasized the YOU part there?)

Just because it seems like everywhere you turn another person is starting a self-care routine, doesn’t mean that you have to do what they are doing.

You are your own unique person and require your own unique activities to nurture your own unique self.

You’re kind of unique, is basically what I’m getting at.

But that’s not to say that you can't enjoy the same self-care activities as someone else! It just means that you need to worry less about what others are doing and worry more about what YOU like to do.

Whew! Now that my mini rant on individual self-care is over (sorry, people!), I’m gonna focus on the topic of this blog post and give you three (there are sooo many reasons to participate in self-care but I decided to limit myself to just three) benefits of making time for self-care:



more joy

This isn’t a scientific statistic, but I’m pretty sure that about 99.99876% of people want to be happy in life. 

Are you one of the 99.99876%? I know that I definitely am!

When we take the time to prioritize ourselves and our wellbeing and to do something (even just one thing!) every day that takes care of our mind and body that we enjoy (emphasis on the enjoy part) then even this simple act can make us happier.

I know that whenever I take the time to take care of myself that it can leave me in a better mood afterwards that can last far beyond the length of the activity, so in taking that time to care for myself (whether it be a five-minute meditation session or an hour-long dive into a good book) we are giving our minds the space to be more grateful and joyous.


more calm

Nowadays in our society, it’s suuuper common for someone to say that they’re “busy.”

How’re you doing lately? Oh I’ve been busy.

How’s your day been today? It was really busy!

How has life been lately? Gosh, I’ve just been sooo busy!

Have you ever heard (or even participated?) in any of these conversation snippets here?

So many of us are moving at the speed of light from one thing to another to another to another (to another!) over the course of our day. This is why it’s so important for us to carve time out of our seemingly-always-packed schedules so that we can create the space for us to calm down and catch our breaths.

When you prioritize your time so that you can care of yourself, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to center yourself and to let yourself rest in the calm. 



less stress

I don’t think that I’d be too far off in saying that a vast majority of the population feels some form of stress on almost a daily basis. 

So the million dollar question: how can we be less stressed?

To be honest I don’t know how to completely 100% remove stress from your life, but do you wanna know one way to reduce it?

You guessed it, SELF-CARE! (If you didn’t know, I’m a big self-care enthusiast, what can I say.)

Self-care can help to preemptively get rid of stress, or it can help you decrease stress in the moment.

When you engage in an activity that you enjoy and that calms you, those positive effects will put you in a more positive mindset that will make it harder for the stress to get to you.

Think about it: if you’re tired because you didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and a little grumpy because you skipped breakfast this morning (and let’s not even forget to mention how much stuff you had to do at work today just to come home to feel more exhausted), you are obviously more prone to experiencing stress than if you were well-rested, well-fed, and allowed yourself time to do something that you enjoy.

When you care for yourself more, you are putting yourself in a better frame of mind to deal with things that happen on a day-to-day basis.

This is absolutely not to say that if you take care of yourself that you will never be stressed again, it just means that you could vastly decrease how stressed you feel or could reduce how often you are stressed.

Take care of yourself, okay? You deserve it. 

self careLenni Lemos