6 Lists to Make to Lift Your Mood


I’m a big list-maker. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, or happy, or tired, I make lists.

These lists are usually to-do lists/brain dumps because my brain often seems to go into overdrive and I feel like I have so many thoughts/worries/feelings/things to remember that I just need to get them all down onto paper.

Sometimes when I’m down, I also make lists, and I’ve decided to share some different lists that I’ve made when I’ve wanted a little happiness boost. 

If YOU want to try the enjoying process of list making, just know that you don’t need a pretty journal or nice pens or new paper to get started (though if that makes you happy then by all means go for it!).

I don’t want you thinking that you “need” all that stuff in order to enjoy writing lists. They’re just lists! That’s the beauty of it. 

So sit down with a scrap piece of paper and a random marker you’ve grabbed from your junk drawer and let me tell you some lists that I’ve made for a happiness boost. : )

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I make a huge list of things that I’m grateful for.

If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of the gratitude list. I’ve never been able to consistently keep a journal, but for some reason I’m able to sit down and write at least three things that I’m grateful for each day.

I see it as my own personal little positivity journal! It’s like a normal journal, except filled with positive things that happened during my day that made me happy and grateful.

So if you’re every feeling down, or find yourself stuck in a comparison trap, focus on everything that you have and love and are lucky for having. 


I list people that I appreciate.

Without my friends, family and loved ones, I would not be where I am today. The support and love they’ve offered me have helped me keep my head above water over the past few years.

An itty-bitty side note when making your list: don’t forget the people who you may not come into contact with often who have done something for you as well (even if it’s a small act of kindness).


I make a list of things that I’m looking forwards to in the future.

When the ‘right now’ is not seeming so great, take a little bit of time to focus on the future. Are there certain things that you’re excited for happening in the next week? The next month? The next year? Something happening in the next twenty years?

And don’t forget the little things! Maybe it’s the almond cake that you have every year on your birthday, or you’re excited to take some time tomorrow to read a book or listen to a podcast. The little things matter too!



I write a list of things that I love about myself.

You are endlessly strong. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of this fact.

If you find it too difficult to write about yourself, write a list of things that your friends or family have said about you (stuff like “your skin looks so good” or “wow you’ve grown so tall” or “good job on landing that job!”).

Never forget how amazing you are. Sometimes when we’re down, a little reminder of how strong and capable we are can help us feel a bit better.

(P.S. you’re amazing)


I write my goals/dreams/hopes that i have for the future.

I love dreaming. Getting lost thinking about what I want to do and where I want to go and who I want to be with and who I want myself to be… it’s so fun to entertain all the endless possibilities. 

Let yourself have the chance to dream. What would you do if you knew that you could not fail? What would you do if you were not scared of what’s holding you back?

What do you want to accomplish? To learn? Where are planes you want to visit? Things you want to buy? Foods you want to eat? Books you want to eat? There are so many possibilities. 

It’s exhilarating, right? Thinking of everything that you’d want to do? Don’t let the list scare you — let it inspire you and give you hope for the future and motivation for the present. 


I list my favorite things.

When things get bad, it can be easy to forget everything that we do have. It’s always rewarding for me to revisit this list every once and while because even the best of us succumb to the power of comparison! There is so much in our lives that we can be grateful that we have, we just have to remind ourselves some times.

If you’re feeling down, list some of your favorite things that bring you joy, make you happy, gives you positive thoughts and make you feel content and smiley.

Do you have a favorite book? Favorite food? Favorite color? Favorite childhood memory? Favorite memory from the last year? List all of your favorites and realize that abundance that you can surround yourself with if you so choose to see it.

So, is there a list that you feel called to write? My advice: do it right now. Why wait later and have it fall lower and lower on your priority list when you can do it now and lift your mood?

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