The Ultimate Morning Mindset Routine

The Ultimate Morning Mindset Routine

Do you want to know the key to mastering your mindset? Well it’s actually simple… it’s your morning routine! I know, I know, you hear about morning routines literally all the time, but that’s because they really have the power to alter the course of your whole day!

Have you noticed that your mind is the most negative right before you go to sleep and right when you wake up? Before you go to bed you’re tired and exhausted from a long day, so it’s easy to let your mind get ahead of yourself, and in the morning, it’s easy to start worrying about the whole day that you have in front of you.

So BASICALLY, the things that you do first thing in the morning when you’re just starting to regain consciousness after a good night’s rest will set the tone for your mindset and for your day! Think about this real quick: what do you do right after you wake up? Do you check your phone or your email? Do you scroll through social media or keep snoozing your alarms for the next hour?

I’m not saying that any of these actions are necessarily bad (I’ve caught myself doing these from time to time!), but why not start your day off in a way that will make the best use of your limited time in the morning? And why not incorporate activities that will help you conquer your mind and take control of your thoughts, too?

Keep reading for MY OWN PERSONAL morning mindset routine and see what activities you might want to incorporate into yours!

The Ultimate Morning Mindset Routine | Minimize & Organize


Make My Bed

What better way is there to start your day than to quickly make your bed? I know that it can be easier to just slip right out of the covers and start your day, but just think about walking into your bedroom later that night and seeing your beautiful, cozy bed that’s been made! Wouldn’t that make you want to slip right under the covers even faster? I know it does for me!


Wash My Face

A quick face wash helps me to feel fresh after a whole night of cocooning under my covers. A splash of cold water also helps to wake up that last bit of yourself that’s still half-asleep!


Drink Hot Lemon Water

I love to start my day off with a mug of hot water with lemon to help promote hydration, get some Vitamin C into my system, and energize me with the scent of fresh zingy (is that even a word?) lemon!


Morning Mindset Reset

Morning! Mindset! Reset! I try to take control of my mindset first thing in the morning before it starts to get out of my control! I do a variation of my Morning Mindset Reset guide (that I offer for free) where I write out some things that I’m grateful for, affirmations to help me take control of my thoughts, and I revisit some of my goals so that I have direction and focus for the rest of my day!

Join me in resetting our minds every morning by clicking below and downloading my free guide!



Move My Body

Exercise is so so soooo important (something that I touch more upon in my Morning Mindset Reset guide), so I try to make it a priority to move my body a little bit each day! This could be going on a morning walk, following a yoga video on YouTube, going to the gym, or signing up for a pilates class… whatever activity that will get you and your body movin’!


Eat & Read/Podcast

Once the majority of my morning routine is done and I’ve showered if needed, I make myself a delicious breakfast and either sit on my porch experiencing the nature around me, or I’ll listen to an inspirational podcast or read one of my personal development books! I love ending my morning routine with a little bit of relaxing learning. 🙂

So how do you normally spend your mornings? Is there anything from this list that you’re going to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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