15 Productive Things to Do on a Sunday

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Whenever Sunday comes along, I used to always feel rushed to prepare for the week ahead. Or I stayed in bed super late and felt like I was wasting the last day that I had before the week began. You know what I’m saying? There never seemed to be an in-between.

Have you ever just had a “whatever” Sunday just to wake up on Monday feeling unprepared for the week and like you’re already behind?

Have you ever put off things that you needed to do on Sunday and found yourself rushing to get things done that night?

If so, have no fear!

I’ve got a list of 15, simple and productive things that you can do on a Sunday to help you prepare for the week ahead and potentially save you some time during the week!

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For Organization:

1) Pick your outfits for the next week.

2) Plan your meals and go shopping to make sure that you have everything that you need for that week.

3) Check your bank account and/or budget.

4) Organize your closet.

5) Make your bed (if you haven't already). It’s nice to add some organization to your bedroom and it’s even nicer to get into an already-made bed later that day.


For Your Self:

6) Take a walk.

7) Decide what workouts (and of what kind) you’re going to do over the next week and when you’re going to do them.

8) Take a break.

9) Go to bed early/on time/at a reasonable hour.

10) Schedule something fun that you’ll be excited for.



For Your To-Dos:

11) Review your calendar for the week.

12) Write out your top three “to-dos” for Monday.

13) Do a brain dump and write out any thoughts that are bouncing around in your mind, things that you have to do, or worries.

14) Plan out three personal to-dos or goals that you want to accomplish in the upcoming week.

15) Plan other to-dos and appointments out during the week and get a feel for what the week will be like.


Are you ready for Sunday? Do you already do any of these things? Which productive thing are you going to try? Let me know in the comments below!