5 Inspiring Documentaries to Watch on a Rainy Day


I can hear the rain rushing against my window as I sit here typing this from my desk. Outside the world is gray, and puddles as wide as the sidewalks outside my window reflect the stormy clouds above. Cars drive by, spraying water to the sides as their headlights reflect off the tiny water droplets in the air. 

Days like this make me want to curl up on my bed and read a book or watch a movie. In honor of today’s weather, I thought why not share some of my favorite documentaries that are the perfect thing to watch on a day like this?

Below, find inspiring and motivating documentaries about changing your life, watching your health, saving the environment, clearing your mind and home, and finding success and abundance in your life.

And the best part? They’re all available on Netflix!

So which will you choose first?

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I Am Not Your Guru

I watched this documentary after reading an article about the day after it was released that had a bunch of reviews with people absolutely raving about it. So I thought, “why not” and turned it on.

And can I just say oh my gosh??? This documentary follows life guru Tony Robbins as he helps heal people’s lives through informative activities and heartfelt (and surprising) words.

This documentary came into my life at just the right time and there was a lot of stuff that I felt like I needed to hear.


Tidying Up

This documentary-series follows life-tidying guru Marie Kondo, author of the international best-selling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” shows how your life can be changed by getting rid of all of the stuff that doesn’t “spark joy.” 

In 8 episodes, Marie brings you through her five-step method to changing your life by following the decluttering journeys of young, expecting couples, families, retired couples, and many more, you’ll feel inspired to make some of your own changes in life!



Created by The Minimalists, a best friend duo who blogs about living simply in a world full of materialism and consumerism, follow along as they teach you how happiness achieved through less might just be better than the American Dream.




In a Netflix original documentary-series, have the opportunity to delve deep into the food supply chain to reveal some truths and expose the secrets and hidden forces behind the food that we eat.

Food documentaries like this are always so eye-opening… so many secrets surrounding what we eat!


The Secret

Want philosophical advice from the ancients that meets modern new age information? Well then welcome to The Secret! Based off the best-selling book series, learn the secrets of life and success that can be found through the Law of Attraction!

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