7 Self-Care Rituals for the Winter


Where I live, winters are cold. They’re snowy. They’re windy. And more often than not, they’re dark.

I’ve never done well with the dark. I love the sunlight, the longs days, the natural light that pours in through the windows. But with the sun setting at 4pm or so each night, I’ve found that it’s easier to feel sad, or lonely, or like I’m disconnected from the word. I’ve found that I’ve needed to find other ways to care for myself that don't involve sunlight. 

Winter can be a hard time, so take extra good care of yourself, okay?

winter rituals.png


fuzzy blanket time

One of my favorite things to do in the winter involve fluffy, fuzzy, soft blankets.

There are so many possibilities! You can read while wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, you can watch a movie or tv show, nap, drink a hot beverage (see #2!), the possibilities are basically endless.

The way I see it, it’s simple:

activity + fuzzy blanket = 🙂 

Whatever you do, just add a fuzzy blanket and voila! Instant winter self-care.


hot beverages

To keep you warm on the inside when you’re freezing cold in the chilly winter air, I highly recommend drinking hot beverages.

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, warm water with a lemon, whatever it it, drink it down!

I love the feeling of the heat warming my hands through to mug. Mmmmm… toasty!

(a bonus hot thing to consume would be soup — a personal must for me during the winter months!)


early bedtime

One thing that is always a struggle for me in the winter months are how short the days are! The sun sets so early ahhhhhhhh.

On really short days, the sun won’t rise until after 7am and will set a mere 9 hours later at 4pm. Is that crazy or what?!

After the sun sets, I find it really hard to sustain my energy, so why not give into the temptation and go to bed a little bit earlier?

This can be as little as 15 minutes or as large as a few hours! Treat yourself, girl!



lights & candles

Since it does get darker sooner, I’ve come to love candles and lamps and fairy lights to bring me some warm, fuzzy feelings.

Candles are fun (is it just me or is the flickering flame kind of mesmerizing!), and if I had the time and money I’d drape fairy lights in every room that I could! 

Lamps can help bring warm light to any room, so get those lights and candles out and enjoy a warm, calm setting.


after-shower spa session

On an especially cold day when my body is having a hard time to thawing after being out in the cold, a hot shower has never sounded better!

Here’s one way to upgrade your shower time: continue it outside of the shower!

In the shower you can use all the shampoos, body washes, exfoliants and wet skin moisturizers as you want, but once you get out, continue to pamper yourself! 

Lather your skin with lotion or some coconut oil, put some moisturizing creams into your hair, and just generally love and pamper your body.




In the cold, it always feels like my muscles tense up and tighten, so yoga is the perfect self-care ritual for the winter.

YouTube has a ton of videos that you could browse (and they even range from as little as three minutes all the way to hour!), and there’s nothing better than that after-yoga feeling when muscles feel all warm and stretched.

I find that it’s calming to be able to just focus on your breath and your body as they move in unison.

You have the opportunity to leave all your other thoughts behind and just focus here, on the present moment, which is quite rewarding and magical place to be. 


outdoor walk

I know, I know, this sounds a little crazy if you’re not a big outdoors person, but bear with me!

Last year, I started taking walks out in the cold (with tons of warm layers to cover every part of my body possible), and loved how alive it made me feel. 

The snow was beautiful and the crisp air kept me alert and awake and I felt like I was able to fully appreciate the beauty of nature. 

As a collective society, we spend more time indoors than ever before, but nature has such amazing benefits to offer us if we’d just step out and enjoy it.

So here’s my challenge to you: bundle up and go on an outdoor walk. No music. Just you and the cool winter air.

Focus on your surroundings and how your body feels. Open yourself up to the beauty of nature. 🙂

self careLenni Lemos