What Happened When I Did 10 Minutes of Yoga Every Day for a Week

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Over the past few years, I’ve dabbled on and off in doing yoga, but could never really commit to the practice. But recently I’ve been feeling a little bit more motivated to try a yoga practice, and thus marked the rekindling of my yoga journey!

I decided that in order to make sure that I did it everyday, I would keep it short (only about 10-15 minutes) so that I had no excuse not to do it!

I went on to YouTube and found two different videos that I alternated doing everyday to mix it up a little bit so that I’m not doing the same exact thing every day (but so that I was doing it often enough that I could get kind of familiar with it).

My goal was to do at least 10 minutes of yoga every day for a week and see how I felt over the course of that week.

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I already owned a yoga mat, yoga straps and yoga blacks from past experiences with yoga, but if you don’t have any of these, just use substitutes! Don’t let the fact that you don’t have these tools prevent you from trying yoga. And then, if you decide you wanna do more yoga, then you can start investing in the equipment.

Yoga Mat: carpet

Yoga Straps: a rolled towel/blanket/sweatshirt

Yoga Blocks: big books




There were a couple days when it was really hard for me to get motivated enough to do it! I had to convince myself of how much better I would feel afterwards and told myself that I just needed to focus on starting and everything else would just flow.


The Seven Days of Yoga:

Day 1:

My body is so tight! I knew I wasn’t flexible by any means but boy is this something that my body is not used to doing.


Day 2:

It’s Day 2! Can’t give up already! I found that I was having some trouble really relaxing into the poses, and I often get distracted by my thoughts instead of focusing on my breath. Guess that’s just something I need to work on!


Day 3:

It was hard for me to get on the mat today. I tried motivating myself by looking at people doing yoga on Instagram but that just further delayed me starting. Once I got on the mat though I was really glad that I was there, even though I was kind of wishing that the 10 minutes would go faster. I was still enjoyable though!


Day 4:

Felt truly invigorated after my practice this morning! I drank some hot water with lemon afterwards and was just really experiencing that yoga after-glow. Love that!


Day 5:

I usually try to do my practice in the morning, but I slept in a little bit today and so I was gonna save it for bedtime. Throughout the day I kind of found myself feeling restless and like my body needed to stretch. It was such a weird feeling! Needless to say, my body was super ready to release all the tension from the day that night.


Day 6:

Second to last day! I know I’ve only been doing this for five days but I feel like I kind of want to mix up the yoga routine a little bit.


Day 7:

The final (official) day! I really enjoyed doing this and I can already tell that my body is more flexible and loose in those seven days! I love the feeling of stretching but can find it hard to really relax into the poses, but overall I found it super relaxing and I think that I want to start a yoga routine again, but keep the schedule a little more flexible.



Future Yoga Plan:

I’m probably not going to do yoga every day, but I’m definitely gonna start doing it more frequently. I found some yoga moves that I can do right in my bed waking up so I’ll probably do a few minutes of those, and then I can try other yoga videos on YouTube and mix up the routine a little bit!


Brief Reflection:

Yoga is by no means an easy exercise. You’ll find out that you’re tight in places that you’ve never thought you would be, that it can be hard to truly relax and let yourself go, and that you’ve gone this far in life without practicing how to breathe in your body! I think that yoga is a valuable practice for anyone who is willing to surrender to the lessons it can teach you.


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